What we do We offer residential cleanouts, junk removal, renovations, restorations, construction, and cleaning services.

What we accept- Box Springs, mattresses, stuffed chairs, wood furniture, heavy household items, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washers & dryers, some construction & demolition waste, exercise equipment, windows, furniture, batteries, carpeting, tables and chairs, sofas, lawn mowers & grass trimmers (MUST REMOVE ALL FLUIDS), other small or bulky items.

E-Waste items accepted– electronics, computers, monitors, TVs, printers, radios, microwave ovens, copy machines, air conditioners etc.

Extra Disposal Fees for the following items  Tires $10 each, Refrigerators $10 each, Freezers $10 each, AC’s $10 each,

Unacceptable Items– Household garbage, trash, hazardous items, explosives, biological waste, asbestos, fuels, excavation materials, toxins, fertilizers, ammunition, etc. 

Recycling We try to salvage as many items as possible before they end up in the dump. Whether it’s through recycling, resales, or donating to people in need.